Holy Spirit Conference 2015

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The Holy Spirit Conference is a conference promoting and strengthening renewal within the church. It is an outstanding opportunity for an intensive time of spiritual nurture, encouragement, praise, worship and ministry in and with a larger segment of the Body of Christ.

This conference belongs to the Holy Trinity of God.  As trustees for those who attend, the "Conference Committee" covets your prayers and the Lord's leading as we lovingly shepherd this celebration.  God give us wisdom, strength and LOVE to continue Your work.  To God, ALL honor and glory.

Holy Spirit Conference Chronology Visit here to see when and where past events took place

                               Conference Committee:

                           Bob and Shirley Barley (Chairperson)

                           Ricky and Beverly Funkhouser (Chairperson)

              Galen Funkhouser                         Bill and Nancy Fitchett            

        Larry and Sally Hanger            Duane Strickler / Carolyn Cecil

We appreciate your comments and concerns. If you wish to contact us, please select below.

          Commitee Chair     or     WEB Master

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